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About us - AA Houses

The safe way to make real estate investments abroad

Our company specializes in locating and marketing real estate investments in Israel and abroad and offers its clients groundbreaking real estate opportunities. We believe that the driving force behind any success story in real estate investments is the ability to identify the next “under the radar” investment.

After potential real estate investments are located and identified, each real estate investment is analyzed separately, to understand the market forces and prevailing trends. When economic viability and profitability are identified our team gets on board.

Locate. Analyze. Invest

We believe that everything starts with people. Since we are concerned with a long-term relationship it is imperative that you know the people behind the operations.

We have been engaged in the Israel-Serbia activity for three years now and have established offices both in Israel and Serbia. The offices are managed by professional, highly skilled local teams on a full time basis. Our strong team is made up of all the professionals needed to ensure safe and profitable transactions, starting from legal advisors including a notary and lawyer, a CPA specializing in tax consultation and account management.

We also have at our disposal a professional management company providing maintenance and management services to the properties. Due to the strong, long-term connections developed over the years we have senior contact persons in the local banking system and extremely powerful local brokers who give us the first rights to the most attractive properties in the market.

All these people, together, form a professional and efficient team equipped with the knowledge and ability to produce safe transactions with high returns.

Our extensive experience in real estate investments, together with our continuing investment in human capital and resources, improve the quality of the service rendered by us on a daily basis. The AA Houses team is at your service to build our future together.