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Unprecedented attractive tax policy and incentives for foreign investors

Planning a real estate investment requires the examination of a wide array
of commercial and financial matters. Tax, in most cases, is an important
factor which should be considered since it affects the financial results and overall profits of the real estate investment.


Purchase tax is imposed on the purchase of ownership rights in land. The tax rate is determined by the municipal tax authorities and cannot exceed 2.5%


The sale of real estate is subject to betterment tax at the rate of approximately 15% on the profit. The tax base is reduced by deducting owner’s investments in the property.


The income arising from the rental of real estate properties is subject to personal income tax at the rate of 20%. The tax base is reduced by deducting 25% for standard maintenance costs.

Property improvement

A major part of our company’s vision and activity focuses on property improvement in a bid to enable our clients, in the long run, to maximize the profitability of the investment.

Our property improvement department engages top-of-the-line local contractors working according to meticulous planning and first-class technical specifications.

Over the years we have accumulated rich experience in the area of property improvement and our expertise encompasses properties of all types including private homes, apartments, hotels and buildings for conservation.

Building maintenance

As part of our full-service package, we offer our clients the possibility to maintain the property and its environment in good working order and condition, including:
• Gardening – development, care and maintenance by a professional gardener and a team of experienced employees.
• Property’s façade – aesthetic care and maintenance of the property’s façade, periodic painting and renovation works.
• Cleaning – roof, stairs and interior.
• Summer/Winter preparations – cleaning, sealing, handling and maintaining sewage and water systems.

How to buy a house

All of the above and more ensure a solid, stable and safe investment with low riskmanagement enabling our clients to enjoy the benefits of high quality properties without worrying.