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EU Serbia is a fully recognized candidate for membership of the European Union

At the EU leaders’ summit held in Brussels in March 2012 it was unanimously decided that Serbia was a fully recognized candidate for membership of the European Union. According to the President of the European Union, Jean Claude Juncker “IT IS AN UNPRECEDENTED ACHIEVEMENT”.

Senior officials said that Serbia may become a fully-fledged member state of the European Union before 2025 and that the target date should encourage the Serbian government in Belgrade to proceed with the positive reforms.

The fact that Serbia became a candidate demonstrates European acknowledgment of the comprehensive reforms initiated and implemented by the state in recent years under the leadership of its pro-western president, Boris Tadic, including the full implementation of a trade agreement with the European Union in February 2010.

These steps have considerably enhanced Serbia’s accession process towards full membership in the European Union.

History shows – states which joined the European Union had real estate prices rise by hundreds of percent.