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Subotica is considered by tourists and local residents as one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. The city is located in the northern part of Serbia not far from the Hungarian border and is an important commercial and cultural center with rich history. The impressive synagogue, the third largest synagogue in Europe, is situated in the center of Subotica. The huge building is used by the Jewish community living in the Jewish quarter located nearby.

Korzo street, Subotica’s main pedestrian mall, is located within walking distance from Subotica’s synagogue. Here one can find and explore colorful buildings, outstanding examples of art nouveau (new art) architecture. The pedestrian area is very lively, lined with many stores and brands and an array of restaurants offering a rich culinary experience. The impressive city hall, the blue fountain and the municipal theater are all located at the end of the street.


Palić is a beautiful vacation site in the northern part of Serbia with a wonderful lake and breathtaking parks, traditional boutique hotels and an array of gourmet restaurants which turned the place into a fashionable summer resort for the East European elites. Palić lake is a famous Serbian tourist site hosting annual film and global music festivals, and water sports competitions.


Bajmok is the second largest village in Serbia where most of our company’s activity is concentrated. The village is located four kilometers away from the Hungarian border on the main road connecting Serbia and Hungary. The village has a railway station connecting Budapest (Hungary) and Belgrade.
The village has a population of approximately 12,000 people and is in the process of becoming a town. The vast majority of Bajmok’s population is of Hungarian, German and Serb origin. Recently new bank and post office branches, an array of restaurants and fashion stores were opened in the village as well as a large industrial zone including the newly built factories of the international conglomerates Siemens, Swarovski and Continental. One of the largest flea markets in Europe is located near the village attracting tourists and locals from the entire area.


Pačir is a typical traditional village located south of Bajmok. The village has a population of approximately 3,500 people most of whom are Hungarians and Serbs. The village is famous for its unique pink lake which attracts health care and spa tourism. Due to the spa tourism and the potential with tourism developing in the area, the village attracts investors in boutique hotels and properties near the lake.