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Tourism in Serbia

The impact of tourism on the real estate market

In 2015 Serbia was named by the global tourism magazine “Lonely Planet” as one of the ten most popular tourist attractions in the world.

In Belgrade, the country’s capital, more than 900 festivals take place every year and the city is well known for its vivacious night-life, myriad restaurants and many shopping malls carrying the best brands.

In Novi-Sad the ‘Exit’ music festival takes place every year attracting to the city tens of thousands of tourists.

Subotica is where the famous Palic summer resort is located. Sailing and water sport competitions attract both locals and tourists every year.

Kopaonik is one of Serbia’s largest mountain ranges. The national park covers an area of 118 km2 and is one of the most famous ski and snowboard resorts which can host approximately 32,000 visitors. In addition the visitors can enjoy numerous coffee shops, bars, night clubs and a host of boutique hotels. Many tourists prefer to rent apartments (AIRBNB) in central locations in the big cities.

The Serbian ambassador to Israel said that 5 years ago nobody thought that we would have 14 flights between Tel Aviv and Belgrade each week.

“Israelis feel safe in Serbia, antisemitism was never particularly noticeable in Serbia. The best ambassadors are the goodwill ambassadors, the tourists who have already visited the country and can tell others about their experience”.

A short jump abroad – a 3 hours flight

Only in recent years – when Air Serbia launched direct flights between Belgrade and Tel Aviv, Israelis started to catch up: Israelis constituted one of the ten largest international tourist markets to Serbia in 2017. In total, approximately 60,000 Israeli tourists discovered this magical country in 2018.